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At Culmia, we put our experience at the service of our customers and partners and are fully committed to responding to their needs. We operate with full transparency, ensuring relationships based on professionalism and respect.

Who we are

About us

We develop and manage the entire production process of property assets: from the search for land to choosing an architect and building. Established in 2013, we have a solid track history of homes built, completed developments and urban planning.

We currently have a sales portfolio of over 2,500 homes throughout cities in Spain, and a land portfolio of 2.4 million buildable m2.

Our main areas of activity are Cataluña, Madrid, Levante and Andalusia.

All our developments feature a strong innovation and design component, adapted to the requirements of our customers and respecting the environment.

Integral management

We use integral management to develop all kinds of residential and non-residential property assets.

Seeking new investment

We search for and offer new property investment opportunities for high-profitability assets.

Land management

We manage and execute urban development projects.

Property Development

We promote and develop residential property projects with a strong innovation and design component.


We manage the entire sales process, from acquisition to delivery of the property.

Our history

Our history

At Culmia, we put our experience at the service of our customers and partners and are fully committed to responding to their needs.

Projects undertaken

At Culmia, we build close relationships with our customers, based on trust and transparency.

Our presence in


Head office

madrid - barcelona - valencia - sevilla
málaga - alicante - bilbao - valladolid
gijón - a coruña

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We are at your disposal. Buying a new-build property for the first time is a great step and you will undoubtedly have queries regarding the process.

See FAQs and if you need further information, our team will assist you.

The process lasts approximately 2 years. The Culmia sales team supports our customers at every stage and in the months before the delivery of the property.
When you visit our sales site, amongst other things, you can see a wide selection of all the various materials, finishes and different options for personalizing your new home This is why it is important to know the specifications and even manufacturers, as this selection is made at the same time as the earnest money contract is finalized and cannot be changed until the property is delivered.
"Net floor area" is the area you can step on in your home. “Gross floor area” includes the metres of your home and the proportional percentage of the common areas of the building that you can use.
One the final completion certificate (FCC), has been obtained, the first occupancy permit (FOP) is issued. In order to be able to register each and every one of the facilities and utilities in the common areas of the building (lifts, light, water), the owners’ association is established and its Tax Identification Number requested for such purposes. A licensed property administrator is appointed in order to manage and organize future payments.
The courtesy visit is undertaken by the customer and future owner of the home once the work has been completed and subject to notarization. The owner is joined by the salesperson and after-sales team, and the choice of materials and finishes is revised with the customer sheet to ensure the customer is satisfied. It is therefore an exercise in quality control.


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Calle de Génova 27, Planta 2
28004, Madrid

Avenida Diagonal, 618 - 6
08021, Barcelona

Calle Puerta del Mar, 18 - 8C
29005, Málaga

Paseo de la Alameda, 34 - 7C
46023, Valencia